Chase Utley: Not the Biggest ‘Silver Fox' Fan, Still Open to Being ‘The Man'

Chase Utley made another return to Citizens Bank Park on Monday night to the delight of the Philadelphia faithful. 

Utley received another wonderful ovation from Phillies fans (watch) and the home team won the game. That's a win-win.

No. 26 spoke with CSNPhilly's Jim Salisbury prior to the game and said that it's still a little awkward wearing blue instead of red at CBP.

After finishing the evening 0-2 in the Dodgers 4-3 loss to the Phillies, Utley answered a few questions about the return to Philly, the support he appreciates from Philly, and the Dodgers' solid chances of making a title run.

Chase was also asked about his awesome "Silver Fox" jersey he wore during MLB Players Weekend (1:15 of above clip).

"I didn't really pick that," Utley says. "I handed it over to my locker mate over here and he decided for me. I owe him one."

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The interviewer asks what other nickname he would have gone with, then suggests Utley go with his nickname from his Philly days, bestowed to him by the great Harry Kalas.

"Phillies fans would reccomend you pick 'The Man,'" she says.

"There ya go. Maybe that," Utley responds.

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