Emotional Scene With Brett Brown in Sixers Locker Room Is Why We Watch

There have been plenty of on-court images from this 2018 Sixers playoff run that will be etched into Philly fans' memories forever. We're only one series down and the list is already growing.

Ben Simmons flexing after a power slam, Joel Embiid silencing the Miami crowd after hitting one shot, JJ Redick putting threes to the ground after nailing a huge tre, Dario getting pumped about anything.

This series has been a joy for Sixers fans to watch a young team grow in exciting ways.

But perhaps no moment of the series brought the emotional weight of the scene in the 76ers locker room after finishing off the Heat in round 1 of the playoffs.

Brett Brown gives a mini speech about how proud he is with how far this team has come before handing the bell over to Redick to ring. But being the veteran that he is, JJ knows when to shower the praise -- and the water -- on the coach that has led this team on the long road to get to the first playoff series victory.

You can watch the video above. It's the good stuff. This is why we watch.

It's incredibly exciting to see this team grow on the court but it's also immensely fulfilling to watch the bond between the players and coaches on this team grow so deeply. It's a testament to what Brett Brown and the Process means to Philadelphia.

🗣 @bensimmons 🗣

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Doing that thing that he does that the people love.

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@jjredick channeling his inner Dragon Ball-Z 😤

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Don't know if I'll ever believe this is what I do. Eternally grateful.

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Don't miss Brett embracing Jojo either:

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