Shady McCoy Poised to Win Crazy Money on Warriors Winning the NBA Finals

LeSean McCoy always exuded confidence during his time in Philadelphia, so it's no surprise he put his money where his mouth is over the weekend and bet huge on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Finals.

He made a $200,000 wager on the Warriors to beat the Cavs in the Finals prior to their Game 2 victory on Sunday night. The $200K bet would pay winnings of $62,500 if Golden State goes on to take the series.

According to David Payne Purdum, a gambling writer for ESPN, Shady's bet was the largest made on the Finals series at the Planet Hollywood casino.

If you do the math, Shady could leave 312,500 20-cent tips at Philly burger joints if the Warriors go on to win the series.

The Cavs have been down to the Warriors before in the NBA Finals and LeBron James found a way to do the unthinkable, but that Golden State team didn't have Kevin Durant. I'd say I like McCoy's chances of coming out a winner.

Anyway, remember that time Shady invited all of his Instagram followers to a party DJed by Donald Trump? Maybe he can make that happen now.

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