Russell Wilson Asks Doug Pederson About Wentz's Health

Cameras caught Russell Wilson asking Eagles coach Doug Pederson about Carson Wentz's health following the Seahawks win in the Wild Card round


Russell Wilson. Man. Eagles fans can't stand that guy.

But Philadelphia fans have nothing against Wilson as a person, except for maybe the fact that he's too nice and polite and clean-cut and gosh isn't he good at football?

Wilson was impressive again in victory over the Eagles on Sunday at the Linc. There were multiple plays, mostly with his feet, where Birds fans were left saying out loud, between gritted teeth, "Man, that guy is good."

And then Russell showed some class in victory.

In his postgame handshake with Eagles coach Doug Pederson, Wilson seemed concerned with how Carson Wentz was doing after leaving the game following a hit from Jadaveon Clowney.

Coach, it's an honor, man. Carson okay?" Wilson asks.

"Yeah, I think so. He'll be fine," Pederson said.

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