Grading the Eagles' Selection of Derek Barnett

Here's how draft pundits from various outlets felt about the Eagles' selection of Derek Barnett with the 14th overall pick:

Pete Prisco, CBS: A
Prisco "loves" the pick and says Barnett might be the "best pass rusher" in the draft.

Chris Burke, SI: B
Burke hedges, calling it a "good" and "relatively safe" pick and praises Barnett's fit in the Eagles' scheme. The negatives? The Eagles still need a corner and passed on some key players who were available (as we discuss here).

Eric Edholm, Yahoo: B+
Will Barnett be able to replicate his college his sack totals in the NFL? Edholm thinks so, pointing out that "historically, sack production translates from college (especially in the SEC) to the NFL." 

Steven Ruiz, USA Today: B
Like's Barnett's "tremendous burst off the snap" but doesn't like his ceiling compared to top pick Myles Garrett. 

Chad Reuter, A
Barnett is the "second-best pure edge rusher in the draft."

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Calls the pick "perfectly fine." Says the Eagles passed on better prospects in defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, safety Malik Hooker and tight end O.J. Howard, but maintains it's a "solid pick."

Pro Football Focus
PFF lists the Eagles' pick as one of their favorite of the night. 

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