NBC10 ‘Experts' Struggle to Pick Birds

Our NBC10 football-picking experts are on the hook this week to pick between a set of disappointing 4-8 team as the Eagles fly south to face the Dolphins in Miami.

After picking the Eagles last week only to get burned by Seattle, we came to no consensus this week as 50 percent see an Eagles victory while 50 percent pick the Fins.

Anchor Tim Lake led the pro-Birds pickers:

“The Eagles will be fired up, but only to save Andy Reid’s job.  And Michael Vick returns to put in a performance to show that he’s still got the starter stuff!

“Slide, Michael, Slide! Eagles 21, Dolphins 10.”

Photojournalist Rich agree that Vick returning to the lineup after missing a few weeks with broken ribs could be the difference in this one, but Rich sure doesn’t sound confident in his pick.

“This going to kill me but with Vick's return I believe he will lead them to victory. 27-17 Eagles.”

But the Birds Nest bloggers are unanimous in picking the Fish -- maybe we are just sick of being hooked by the Birds.

“Even with Vick back this team is so dysfunctional,” said Brian Solomon who has the Eagles losing 27-17.

Drew Magary sees a 34-25 Dolphins win:

“I'll say this for Vick: He isn't the type of fellow to go tanking at the end of a lost season. In many ways, he echoes Allen Iverson: a controversial figure in Philly who dominates the ball, but whose effort during games is never in question. Vick will have to do most of the heavy lifting this game, because the rest of this team is shot. DeSean Jackson has shut it down. The run defense has shut it down. I'm not even sure Reid has been awake for the past month. He may be in some kind of giant meat coma, for all I know. This is a team that needs the end of the season to arrive NOW, this very moment. I'm sure the surging Dolphins will be more than happy to help push them closer to the end.”

As for this blogger, I just can’t see the Eagles winning this one. Before the season I had this game circled as a possible trap game on the Eagles schedule. Then the Fish stumbled out of the gate with seven-straight losses – leaving me questioning the idea of “trap game.” But, after winning four out of five, the Fish seem back just as the Eagles seem done.

With the said I still think Shady McCoy, the offensive line and Vick will put up a fight, too bad the defense won’t -- Dolphins 32, Eagles 28.

The end of the Reid era is upon us – this team is done. I see only one win left on the schedule and that’s against the terrible Redskins.

Time’s yours in the comments.

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