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First Sign That the XFL Is Thinking About Philadelphia



    First Sign That the XFL Is Thinking About Philadelphia

    Let the XFL to Philadelphia hype train begin.

    While Philadelphia is not going to be one of the eight cities to have a team in the league's first season in 2020, could the City of Brotherly Love someday host XFL football?

    Here's what we found.


    According to Domain Name Wire, a website dedicated to website domain name news and investing, Philadelphia was on a shortlist of 21 cities that had domain names claimed with XFL naming conventions.

    According to the article,, and a shorter domain, perhaps were all recently registered. A check of's domain name availability confirms that all three domains are indeed taken.

    So what does this mean?

    Honestly, probably nothing, but it's fun to wonder. Philadelphia is one of the best sports cities in America and we're sure Vincent Kennedy McMahon would love to bring his brand of football to our city. If the league has success in its second stint, maybe it could be an option. It certainly makes sense for the XFL to prepare beyond the eight cities they announced yesterday in case the league has success and wants to rapidly expand in the near future.


    I think that since the league takes place in the spring that Philadelphia could, and would, embrace an XFL team for their five home games as a fun, and perhaps, a sarcastic alternative to the city's favorite sport. As for now, we'll have to see how the league does in 2020 and look for any more signs that a team could be coming our way.