Skip Bayless Takes on DeSean Jackson

On the heels of getting owned by former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman, ESPN "First Take" troll and noted slitherer Skip Bayless has posted something he got from "a source" about why the Eagles have yet to extend the contract of star wideout DeSean Jackson.


Eagles source tells me team afraid to give Desean big long-term contract because ego might get even bigger, harder to handle. Legit concern.

Given Bayless has precisely no credibility on such matters, let's take apart this tweet and show you just how easy it is to concoct a rumor tweet that means exactly nothing.

1. "Eagles source tells me..."

The nice part about saying you have an "Eagles source" is that it can pretty much mean anyone, even this Amish Eagles fan. It's a person and they have something to do with the Eagles. Could be a team official. Could be Marty, Skip's makeup artist who happens to reside from Philly. You can go a million miles with that phrasing. It sounds legitimate without actually being useful in any way.

2. " afraid to give Desean big long-term contract..."

Note that he doesn't say "will not" give DeSean a long term contract. He's just saying they're afraid to, which means nothing when indicating if an extension will actually be finalized. It's basically telling people what they already know, speaking of which...

3. "...because ego might get even bigger, harder to handle."

No way! Really? DeSean has a big ego and is occasionally careless with the ball around the end zone? I had NO IDEA. Who would have thought the Eagles were considering those factors when deciding upon his extension? NOT ME, I'm just an everyday idiot who relies on Skip Bayless to tell it like it isn't!

4. "Legit concern."

Are we talking 40% legit? A LEGIT 40% legit? Because I'm glad you made that concern official. It seemed like such an unauthorized concern before.

This is a perfectly example of how an ESPN talking head delivers you utterly useless tidbits disguised as something juicy. Bayless has no concrete information here, like DeSean actually being refused an extension. Just the typical "may or may not" speculation that almost certainly won't end up giving you a better idea as to how the negotiations will play out, especially given how tight-lipped the Eagles front office usually is. But hey, it could be worse. You could have heard this from Colin Cowherd.

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