Yo Philly! You Can Vote Now on the Most Adorable ‘I Voted' Stickers Ever

Before voters head to the polls for the critical 2020 presidential election, Philadelphia officials are asking for residents to vote for their favorite 'I Voted' stickers

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What to Know

  • The City Commissioners want Philadelphians to pick the next "I Voted" sticker.
  • Nine artists from children to adults designed the finalist entries. The winner will be ready in time for the April 28 presidential primary.
  • Voting is open until March 1.

The “I Voted” sticker is a badge of honor (and social media showing off) for people choosing their elected officials, and during this critical 2020 election, Philadelphia is taking its sticker game to the next level.

The City Commissioners, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, dropped the nine finalists for the “I Voted” sticker contest Thursday. The plan is to have the winning sticker printed in time for the April 28 presidential primary election.

“With the all-important 2020 elections upon us this is the perfect time for us to roll out a new, unique sticker and get people excited about going to the polls,” City Commissioner Chairwoman Lisa Deeley said.

Philly iconography -- including the Liberty Bell, SEPTA, City Hall and those green street signs – are well represented in the designs from artists ranging in age from elementary schoolers to adults. Designs that don’t already include Spanish will be translated into Spanish.

A group of artists and city public servants helped narrow down the finalists.

“This project was such a joy to work on, especially seeing all of the designs submitted by the young kids,” Khara Garcia, graphic designer for Philadelphia City Council, judge, and designer of the original Philly attitude ‘I Voted’ stickers in 2018 said. “With the time and effort that they put into their designs, it was a great tool to teach civic engagement and foster a love of art.”

So, let’s take a look at the five categories of stickers up for your consideration.

The Liberty Bells

Sticker Finalista Noah Seder
By Noah Seder - K-8th grade student
Sticker Finalista Elodie Breslin
By Elodie Breslin - K-8th grade student
Sticker Finalista I Voted
By Adam Englehart - Adult

Iconic Buildings

Sticker Finlaista I Voted
By Katie Fish - College student
Sticker Finalista I Voted
By Christian Belluso - Adult

Transportation Themed

Sticker Finalista I Voted
By David Golden - Adult
By Isaak Popkin - High school student

The Eagle Soars

Sticker Finalista I Voted
By Eddie Wang - High school student

Words Say It All

Sticker Finalista I Voted
By Gianna DiAddezio - College student

Voting is open until 11:45 p.m. on March 1. Vote Now!

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