Snowstorm Poses First Test for New Mayors

Newly minted mayors across the U.S. must handle the winter storm barreling down on the Midwest and Northeast as one of their first task. Not only are regions facing ferocious snow but the cold behind the snowstorm is also anticipated to create icy conditions. A few hours before being sworn in as New York City's new mayor, Bill de Blasio vowed the city would be prepared for the weather headed its way. The NYC Sanitation Department sent 4,600 workers out Thursday to salt and remove snow from streets. The new mayor of New Haven, Conn., Toni Harp was sworn in Wednesday afternoon, and immediately had to turn her attention to the weather. New Haven's schools will be dismissed early on Thursday, and parking bans were put in place to make room for plows. In Minneapolis, new mayor Betsy Hodges was being sworn in Thursday, as multiple area schools were closed for the day due to the weather.

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