Clinton Says Khaddafy's “Days are Numbered,” as Nations Pledge $1.3B for Rebels

Senior officials of nations working to oust Moammar Khaddafy from power pledged $1.3 billion for Libyan rebels Thursday and said the strongman’s rule was on the verge of collapse. "Gadhafi's days are numbered," U.S. Secretary of State Clinton said at a meeting in Abu Dhabi. "We are working with our international partners through the U.N. to plan for the inevitable: a post-Gadhafi Libya." Despite the strong assessment, pro-Khaddafy forces have continued to repel rebel advances and the Libyan leader has shown no signs of stepping down, reported. The rebels’ Benghazi-based Transitional National Council had warned that it was on the verge of going broke and needed a foreign cash infusion.

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