'He Didn't Die Alone' Man Tries to Save Tornado Victim

A tornado that ripped through Canton, Texas, Saturday night lifted a black pick-up truck off a highway and dropped it more than 200 yards away in an empty field, killing the driver.

Brandon Edwards was driving on Texas Highway 64 with his wife and two young daughters when the tornado touched down about a mile in front of him. Edwards said he could “clearly” see the Dodge Ram flying through air.

Edwards, a Marine with medical training, said he knew he had to help and ran to the pick-up after the tornado had passed.

"There were barbed-wire fences ripped across through here. I didn't look at any of it. I just ran through it,” Edwards said. NBC 5’s Texas Thunder Truck captured video of several bystanders running toward the truck to help the victim.

The driver of the Dodge Ram was trapped in the truck and critically injured. Edwards said the injuries "were not survivable from the beginning."

The man in the truck could only say one word.

"He said, 'Help,' is all he said. I just kept saying, 'Hang on, please stay with us. If you can speak, speak to me," Edwards said, choking back tears. “I tried to keep him alive for a minute and see if I can get him at least some help."

Edwards said when he realized the man wasn’t going to survive, he decided to remain by his side anyways. The Marine said he wanted the unidentified man to know that he didn't die alone. Edwards said he is also hoping to find the man’s wife.

"Let her know that her husband did not die in that vehicle alone last night. That there were people trying to help him," Edwards said.

Edwards said he’s a disabled veteran. His dream is to be a firefighter, but he can't because of his injuries from military service. When we asked what it is that makes him run in, he said, "I still want to help."

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