Charlie Sheen Bombs in Beantown

The Charlie Sheen rollercoaster continues.

His hit-or-miss "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour laid another egg during a stop in Boston.

Following a well-recieved performance during his second stint at Radio City Music Hall in New York (which was something of an apology for a disastrous opening night at the historic venue), Sheen headed to Beantown with some momentum on his side.

It didn't help.

"Boston Globe" writer Don Aucoin described people booing and fleeing for the exits while Sheen implored them to stay.

"Just before 10 last night, as hundreds of disgusted spectators streamed toward the exits at Agganis Arena, Charlie Sheen shouted from the stage: 'Wait, don’t leave! I’m not done!’ wrote Aucoin. "But most of them kept right on going, and who could blame them?"

The show was not helped by an appearance from an unannounced "special guest" - "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D. The two bantered back and forth about working together while a bored crowd looked on.

"When the dreary debacle was finally over," continued Aucoi "the applause died before Sheen had even left the stage."

Maybe it's a good thing Sheen is now headed for the border. His next two shows will be in Toronto.

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