Woman in Brawl Brings Steak Knife to School: Police

A woman who police say was involved in a large brawl was arrested after she allegedly showed up to an elementary school with a steak knife.

On Friday, shortly before 3:30 p.m., Collingdale Police were called to Andrews and Sharon Avenues near Harris Elementary School for a report of a large crowd fighting. When they arrived, police say they witnessed a crowd consisting of children, teens and adults fighting and running through the street, blocking traffic.

Police managed to disperse the crowd and the scene was cleared. Police say one man came up to them claiming he was punched in the face. No one else reported that they were injured however.

A video of the brawl was recorded and posted online, quickly going viral. The Collingdale Police Department posted the video on their Facebook page, asking the public for help identifying the people involved.

On Monday, police, along with officials from the Harris Elementary School reviewed three videos of the incident. They determined that the brawl began as a fight between two girls which led to a widespread brawl as a crowd formed. Investigators say one of the two girls filed a police report claiming she was assaulted. However, police later identified the girl as a combatant in the fight and accused her of filing a false police report.

Police also say 37-year-old Kimberly Lamar punched a man in the face during the fight.
Police say Lamar showed up at the Harris Elementary School on Monday. Officers who were stationed at the school confronted her and discovered a steak knife in her jacket pocket, according to investigators.

Lamar was arrested and arraigned at the Collingdale District Court.


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