Unprovoked Pit Bull Attack Leaves Girl Scarred

Uncle: Dogs went after girl like she was a piece of meat

Precious Camejo is afraid to go back to the park.

"Never again," the girl says.

That's because the last time she was there, two pit bulls went on the attack biting her in the face and leg.

"I was swinging on the swings and then the dogs came and bit me," the little girl said.

The 5-year old was visiting Tioga Park in Port Richmond with her sister and uncle Monday when the two unleashed dogs charged her.

"First thing I did, I grabbed her and put her on top of my head," said the girl's uncle Nibrad Cordero. "The dogs kept on jumping up to grab her."

Cordero said he stomped and punched the dogs to protect his niece. "They just didn't wanna stop, they looked at her like she was a piece of meat."

Precious suffered bites to her right cheek and left leg. The facial wound needed 15 stitches. Family members say the attack could have been prevented if the dogs were on a leash -- a city requirement.

"If the city doesn't enforce the law, then people are not gonna care," said Kenneth Camjeo, Precious' dad. "They're just gonna keep walking them loose the way they want to."

The family wants the city to post a sign reminding park visitors of the law, so another attack doesn't happen.

The dogs were taken by the PSPCA and their owner was arrested. Police say he faces possible Aggravated Assault charges.

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