Girl Shot by Stray Bullet: ‘God Made Me Survive'

A 13-year-old girl shot by a stray bullet is recovering from surgery and pushing through her pain.

Tiya Hudson was shot in her sleep earlier this month when a bullet pierced through the siding of her house and hit her in the back.

“I didn’t have to survive this, but I guess God made me survive it for a reason,” she said.

She was shot only once, but doctors say the damage to her organs is consistent with a wound from an AK-47. Neighbors overheard an apparent argument, which may have motivated the gun fight, according to authorities.

Police have yet to onfirm if one of the two shooters involved was carrying an assault rifle.

Hudson, who has returned home from the hospital, is recovering from surgery to correct her organs.

“It’s been hard because I’ve been in a lot of pain trying to get up and do what I normally do,” she said, “but at the end of the day I still push though it even though I’m not gonna be the same.”

In honor of her return, her family decided to throw her a block party that doubled as a peace rally.

“It’s just about peace today,” her mother said. “This should not have happened. This is a senseless crime.”

Detectives are still looking for the suspects and urge anyone with information to share it with police.

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