Strippers Talk About Golf Outing

PHILADELPHIA -- A golf outing put on by Club Risqué featured more than just long drives and short putts.

In public view, NBC 10 cameras found players getting special treatment from strippers, and paying for it with cash.

The NBC 10 Investigators had that story Monday.

Two strippers from Club Risqué took to the local airways Tuesday to explain their risqué behavior at a golf outing in Northeast Philadelphia.

The producers at 94.1 allowed NBC 10's cameras in during the broadcast.

Only one of the strippers stayed for the camera, but she would not talk to NBC 10 on camera. She did tell radio listeners her version of what she called, "good, clean fun."

As NBC 10's Harry Hairston drove down Red Lion Road Monday, he spotted one of the women fondling her breast. It was easy to see her from yards away, and when he took a closer look, he was even more surprised by what was uncovered.

Golf cart after golf cart would pull up and bikini top after bikini top would go down, and that wasn't all.

According to the strippers on Tuesday's radio show, dozens of girls bared all for the annual event.

"There were about 30 girls in total," the stripper said.

The golf course is across the street from a day-care center.

The Island Green Golf Course general manager told NBC 10 over the phone that he was outraged by the outing and took immediate action.

"The club stopped us," the stripper said.

The general manager of the golf course said he told Club Risqué in advance that he didn't want lewd activity on his golf course.

He also said when he found out what was happening, he ordered the strippers off the course.

Both the police and the city's department of licenses and inspections said this type of behavior in public is illegal.

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