Shelter Dog That Saved Kittens Trapped in Storm Drain Found His Forever Home

The shelter dog named Harvey saved three kittens stuck in a storm drain in February. Now, he’s found a new family to go home to.

This shelter dog is known as “Harvey the Hero.” And after 5 years of being at Faithful Friends, an animal shelter in Delaware, he’s finally found his forever home.

Harvey earned his name.

Back in February, the white mix shelter dog was going for a walk along Germay Drive in Wilmington with a Faithful Friends trainer when he began barking at a storm drain.

The trainer looked inside the drain and found three kittens trapped.

Staff members at Faithful Friends rescued the kittens, and quickly found them foster homes.

Still, Harvey remained at the shelter.

"His long stay wasn't a result of his character, but more about his lack of trust and high anxiety from being without a home for so long," said Shannon O’Neill, a spokeswoman for Faithful Friends.

After news broke about Harvey’s act of heroism, Faithful Friends got a call from an interested family in Georgia.

“We found out about Harvey through our friend Neil. He showed us the story of Harvey from a news segment. We were touched and my dad decided he wanted to adopt him,” Hoang Nguyen said.

When Harvey met the Nguyen family for the first time, it was love at first sight.

"It was beautiful, and there was no doubt that Harvey was ready to leave the shelter life behind and be with his new family," O’Neill said.

To ensure a smooth transition into his new life in Georgia, two trainers went with Harvey to see if the dog would be comfortable.

“He really is truly cute, even through the video our friends sent, we just fell in love with him right away, that same second. We will treat him just like our little brother,” said Hoang's wife, Tien Nguyen.

According to O'Neill, the trainers left fully confident that Harvey had found his forever home.

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