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Say Hello to the Philadelphia Zoo's Sloth Bear Cub

First video of the bear cub is in, and it's adorable

A sloth bear cub peaks its head over a ledge in the bear den.

This cub will make your day a little more bear-able.

The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a new sloth bear cub to the family on Dec. 11, 2019, and now we're getting our first glimpse at the baby ursus.

The cub has yet to be named and is the first healthy sloth bear cub born at the zoo since 1997, the zoo said in a news release.

This was the first successful birth for Kayla, the Zoo's 7-year old female, and Bhalu, the 6-year old male. Kayla had a cub that died shortly after birth last year.

Kayla is embracing her new cub and has been in constant physical contact since birth, the zoo said.

Philadelphia Zoo
Sloth Bears, Kayla and Bhalu, in their exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo.
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