Police: Report of Abduction Unfounded

Philadelphia Police determined reports of an abduction last week were unfounded.

On Friday, April 8, around 8:45 a.m., police responded to a reported abduction on 900 West Luzerne Street. When they arrived they were met by witnesses who claimed they saw a man force a woman into a green car that fled west on Luzerne Street.

A witness told investigators she heard the woman scream, 'get away from me, I'm not going with you.' She also said she heard the man scream at the woman.

The woman was crying and got into the car but then left the vehicle and began walking away as the man walked to the driver's side, according to the witness. The witness said the man then followed her and after a physical confrontation, forced the woman into the vehicle and fled.

Police investigated the incident and even released surveillance photos of the man and woman. They later identified both of them however and determined the woman was not hurt or taken against her will. No charges will be filed in the incident. 

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