Pony Recovering After Intruder Tied Up Its Legs at Delaware Equine Center

This wasn't the first time a pony at Carousel Park and Equestrian Center has been targeted

Pony on the left with bandages on its ankles and a close up of its injured ankle on the right
New Castle County Government

A pony was found with cords tied around her back ankles at Carousel Park and Equestrian Center in Delaware.

On Monday, staff at the Wilmington, Delaware, center noticed Cierra, one of the park's lesson ponies, was unable to walk. They then discovered cords tied around the pony's back legs right above her hooves.

"Imagine having blood constricted from your limbs," equestrian director Mary Devine said in a video posted to Facebook. "She wasn't getting blood to her hoof."

Cierra could have died if the staff didn't find the issue and intervene, Devine said.

This is the second time in the last five months that a pony at Carousel had its ankles tied.

The staff at the center are shocked someone would hurt their animals.

"We don't need to know why, we just want to make sure that it stops," Devine said.

Carousel posted surveillance video of the incident:

If you have any information that can help determine what took place at Carousel, you are urged to call Officer David Christopher at 302-995-7610.

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