Pet Pig Roams Philly Streets, Shines on Instagram

The City of Brotherly Love has taken a liking to a very photogenic, not-so-typical neighborhood pet, a pig named Olive.

Olive, the one-year-old Juliana pig lives in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood and her owners describe her as an extremely sociable girl who manages to steal the spotlight wherever she goes.

“You know, when you walk down the street with a pig, people want to stop and take pictures,” said Olive's owner who asked to remain anonymous. “And she loves it.”

And so do the more than 2,500 people who follow Olive's daily adventures on Instagram.

Having quickly become "just one of the gang" when it comes to the neighborhood dogs, Olive is looking forward to warm weather adventures with her four-legged friends.

“They don’t always know what to make of her,” said  her owner. “She looks different, but there are a handful of dogs who don’t mind her anymore. She’s just part of the gang now."

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