More Than 100 Swimmers Rescued in A.C. Monday

111 Rescues on Monday bring season total to 453

The Fourth of July holiday may have meant a day off of work for a lot of us, but it sounds like the Atlantic City Beach Patrol had an extremely busy day at work.

On Monday, the Atlantic City Beach Patrol reported 111 water rescues to the Press of Atlantic City, bringing the seasonal total to 453 since Memorial Day.

Perhaps one of the most notable incidents on Monday came when a 70-year-old Egg Harbor Township man saved two children from drowning, 100-yards from the shore.

The 120-year-old Atlantic City Beach Patrol told the Press of Atlantic City that they average between 800 and 900 rescues between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's an average of eight to nine rescues a day and this year, we're seeing an average of 13 rescues a day.

Rescues are defined as swimmers who require assistance getting back to the shore, according to the newspaper.

The beach patrol blames rip currents and rough surf for the high numbers this year.

“Even if the ocean appears safe, it’s an uncontrollable natural force. Anything can happen at any time,” Atlantic City Beach Patrol Chief Rod Aluise told the Press.

To avoid rip currents, the National Weather Service reminds us all of the importance of knowing how to swim.

“Swimming in a pool is not the same as swimming at a surf beach with crashing waves, winds and currents that can change suddenly,” according to their website.

In a safety video, they tell swimmers to remain calm to conserve energy. They also advise swimmers to avoid fighting the current, but to instead, swim parallel and then on an angle back to the shore.

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