Off-Duty Officer's Gun Goes Off

Police searched for a subject this morning after an off-duty officer's gun accidentally went off while he was chasing a burglary suspect.

Two off-duty officers who live in the area of Palmetto and Robbins Streets in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia, Pa. were woken up around 4 a.m. after a neighbor saw someone breaking into the shed behind one of the officer's Palmetto Street home.

Northeast Detectives confirmed that the two off-duty officers gave chase to at least one person who took off running down Robbins Street.

During the chase one of the officer's guns went off, police sources with direct knowledge of the investigation told NBC10.

Neither officer was hurt and it wasn't clear if the suspect was hit.

Police scoured the neighborhood through the morning as they looked for the suspect. They also confirmed that they were calling around to local hospitals to see if anyone checked in with a gunshot wound.

The off-duty could be seen later in the morning returning items, including a generator to his shed.

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