Montgomery County Moms ‘Nurse-In' at YMCA Where Employees Told Mom to Breastfeed Elsewhere

Local moms gathered for a "nurse-in" Wednesday at a Montgomery County YMCA where a woman says employees hassled her for breastfeeding her son earlier this week.

The nurse-in participants met at 10 a.m. at the Spring Valley YMCA in Limerick. Local mom Kate Haslam told NBC10 on Tuesday that she brought her 19-month-old son, West, to the Y for a toddler gym class Monday morning and stopped to nurse him in the classroom.

The nurse-in started outside, but the Y invited them in to nurse in their lobby.  YMCA officials have said that Haslam's experience was a misunderstanding.

As she nursed West, Haslam said, an employee of the Y told her she needed to move elsewhere to breastfeed because she was making other people in the class uncomfortable. Haslam said two more employees eventually got involved, one even going as far as to tell her she needed to nurse in the locker room.

YMCA President and CEO Shaun Elliott said the incident was a miscommunication, however, and that Haslam was asked to move because she was sitting on a balance beam that kids in the class needed to use.

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