District Judge

Man Sets Revenge Fire Killing All But Target

Police in western Pennsylvania say a man set on revenge started a fire that killed everyone in the alleged target's home — six people in all — except for the target himself.

Wednesday, a district judge must decide whether there's enough evidence to send those charges, including six counts of criminal homicide, to trial in the case of 24-year-old Ryan Williams.

Allegheny County police say Williams broke into Keith Egenlauf's McKeesport home early Oct. 18 and tossed a burning roll of toilet paper on a couch because Williams believed Egenlauf was to blame for Williams being recently jailed on some criminal charges.

Egenlauf escaped the fire, but was burned critically.

Egenlauf's 55-year-old father and 27-year-old wife, and her four children all perished in the fire.

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