Delaware Town to Discuss Rules for Hummer's Parade That Parodied Border Crisis

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A Delaware town council is preparing to set some rules for an annual parade after last year's event was criticized for portraying children in cages at the U.S. border.

The Delaware State News reports Middletown officials plan to meet Monday to discuss the Hummer's Parade, traditionally held each New Year's Day.

The city's website says the event modeled after Philadelphia's Mummer's Parade is not affiliated with the town and is "haphazardly thrown together" by residents, making fun of each year's events.

The 2019 parade caused officials and community activists to cry foul, saying spoofing the humanitarian crisis at the border was mean-spirited and considered to be "punching down." The outrage led the town to appoint a parade committee, which recently submitted guideline recommendations.

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