Severe Storms Bring Hail, Flooding to Region

The heat wave is finally over! We’ve had so much hot weather building up over the past week, we were destined for some severe weather and that’s exactly what we got Thursday night.

That severe weather was a bit different than what we usually see with summer storms. The main difference is the storms moved slower than normal (at 15-20 mph) as opposed to the traditional 35-40 mph or the 60 mph that we’ve seen in the past few months. The slower storms reduced the damaging wind risk but also created flash flooding in areas with poor drainage. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for most of the region through Friday morning.

Storms Hit Area as Heat Wave Breaks

Some areas saw 2-3 inches of rain in a very short period of time due to the storms.

Storms moved in around 2:30 p.m. and primarily impacted the PA Suburbs, Philadelphia, Delaware and South Jersey. In Chester County there were reports of hail, flooding, lightning and downed trees as well as power lines.

More storms moved in between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. Our models are indicating these may be the strongest of the night south of Philadelphia, especially in Delaware and the Jersey Shore. If you’re in those areas, you should expect to be awoken by thunder during the night if you’re a light sleeper.

We're in for more rain and isolated storms Friday morning before things clear during the afternoon. However, more storms are expected over the weekend.

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