Geno's Raises Money for Arizona Immigration Law

The owner of Geno's Steaks has gone from welcoming only English-speakers to his cheesesteak joint to actively raising money in support of Arizona's anti-illegal alien initiatives.

“I’m not in favor of rounding people up and deporting them, but until we have control of the borders, there can be no compromise on this issue,” said Dom Giordano, 1210's Big Talker, who hosted a four-hour on-air fundraiser from Geno's Steaks, reports the Metro.
The money raised will go toward aiding Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's fight against a federal lawsuit laid down by the Department of Justice saying that the controversial state law is unconstitutional. The law, which allows police with "reasonable suspicion" to stop those they think are illegal, will begin July 29.
Street protestors yelled and beat on drums to show their disapproval, raising signs with phrases like "Deport Geno's" emblazoned across them. "They're not going to pull over an illegal Irish," said Gonzalo Perez of West Philly, "Just brown people."
"All those people across the street mocking us should get on a bus and leave," Joey Vento, owner of Geno's Steaks, told the Metro. Vento, who gained attention nationwide for requiring his customers to order in English at his steakhouse, also added that the people protesting "hate" this country.
Pennsylvania is one of nine states backing Arizona in Federal Court and in a brief filed by Michigan's Attorney General said that states should have the authority to enforce immigration laws and protect their borders.

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