Philadelphia Eagle Evan Mathis' $64,000 Steakhouse Bill a Hoax

Did Philadelphia Eagles Evan Mathis spend $64,000 at Del Frisco's Steakhouse?


Did the All-Pro offensive lineman spend all day Thursday designing a fake bill for a hoax?

He sure did.

Mathis tweeted out a photo Thursday night of a bill from the Center City steakhouse totaling $64,055.76. Among the items on the tab: 12 bottles of 2006 Harlan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon wine worth $17,940 and six bottles of 2005 Screaming Eagle Cab at nearly $21,000.

Under the bill, which appeared to sitting on a red table cloth beside crumbs and a fork, Mathis wrote he was "teaching rookies a lesson." The lineman was referring to a past $17,000 Del Frisco's tab for a rookie dinner tweeted by Birds offensive tackle Lane Johnson. That bill got attention from national press.

After 12 hours of silence, Mathis tweeted a second photo Friday morning showing the entire bill was a set up.

"Last night was fun. Thanks for the great reactions," he wrote underneath a picture of the staged scene in a kitchen. The bill was printed on a regular piece of paper and a Gap polo shirt used as the table cloth.

Mathis' fellow player and friend Jason Kelce also confirmed the hoax.

"This was a complete hoax that was designed by Evan Mathis to mislead media across the nation. Apparently, it did it's job," Kelce told WIP radio host Angelo Cataldi on Friday morning. "He spent all day making sure the prices were right. Making sure everything looked good."

Close inspection of the bill shows Mathis even embedded an acrostic into the receipt -- the first letters of each item spelling out "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Roshambo."

This isn't the first time Mathis sent out a hoax tweet. Last May, he posted a cleverly cropped photo appearing to show him peeing on a sign outside the IRS.

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