Dramatic River Rescue Unfolds in Delaware Thursday Morning

The nearly half-hour rescue required about two dozen emergency responders.

A dramatic rescue unfolded Thursday morning in Delaware’s Brandywine River.

Wilmington firefighters were returning from a call around 6:30 A.M. when they noticed a man in distress stuck in the middle of the river, authorities said.

Del river rescue 1
Wilmington Fire Department
First responders enter the river to rescue the distressed man.

Wilmington’s rescue squad was called to the scene, where they deployed into the river to rescue the man. The rescue team got him into a life jacket and attached a tag line to bring him back to shore.

Del river rescue 3
Wilmington Fire Department
The man is carried out on a stretcher before being transported to Wilmington Hospital.

The rescue took approximately 20 minutes while 24 first responders were on the scene. The man was transported to Wilmington Hospital.

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