Bolting Bovines Avoid Slaughterhouse

Two cows headed to a New Jersey slaughterhouse this week had other plans.

They busted out of a trailer in Montvale Tuesday and caused chaos in northern New Jersey for a while before they were captured. Now, they'll spend the rest of their days on a Bergen County farm.

Animal control officials tell The Star-Ledger that a Montvale resident had purchased the cows and they were to be taken to Paterson Wednesday to be slaughtered. But they escaped and created traffic nightmares in the area as police tried to corral them.

The female brown cow was cornered quickly, but the bull escaped capture until Wednesday when he was caught near the Garden State Parkway.

The daring dash spared the bovines.

"They are now over at Abma's Farm where they will live out their lives," Tyco Animal Control officer Carol Tyler to the paper. "It's a happy ending."

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