Sara Smith

Case of Bacterial Meningitis Confirmed in Student from Cheltenham School District

A student from the Cheltenham School district has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, according to school officials.

A statement released by school officials included a message from the Interim Medical Director for the Montgomery County Health Department reading, "We can confirm there is a case of bacterial meningitis associated with a student who belongs to Cheltenham School District, but this is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the school community. Due to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, we will not be releasing any additional details as to protect the personal health information of this student."

Officials did not disclose what school or how old the student was who has been diagnosed with the illness.

At least one parent called NBC10 to complain that parents of students in the district had not been notified of the issue, but later Friday evening, the school district sent a letter to parents.

The letter, obtained by NBC10 read, in part, "The School District is confident in the Montgomery County Health Department’s assurance for the well being of our students and staff. According to the Montgomery County Health Department, there are various types of Bacterial Meningitis; some that are isolated and some that require additional public health action. This type of Bacterial Meningitis was an isolated event and therefore presented no risk to our school community."

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