Built-Up Propane Caused Deadly Food Truck Explosion: Fire Marshal

The Philadelphia Fire Marshal says a build up of excess propane gas inside a food truck caused it to explode last month -- killing a mother and daughter and injuring 11 others.

The gas ignited on the La Parrillada Chapina food truck as its owner, Olga Galdernez, and her daughter, Jaylin Landaverry, served customers at 3rd and Wyoming Avenue in Feltonville on the evening of July 1.

The built-up gas found its way to an open flame inside the truck resulting in a huge fireball that consumed the truck, the street and sidewalk. The Fire Marshal says the exact ignition source is unknown because there were a number of burners and warmers inside the mobile restaurant.

Galdernez, 42, and Landaverry, 17, were critically injured in the blast and died two weeks later. Eleven others were hurt -- two remain hospitalized in stable condition and nine others have since been released, fire officials say.

A number of people were hurt not only by flames, but flying metal and debris from the explosion. One of the propane tanks was sent flying 95 feet away. It landed in a homeowner's yard.

The Fire Marshal says it is continuing to investigate what caused the propane to leak. They are working with the Arson Task Force and Department of Transportation on that part of the investigation.

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