Amid Mystery Explosions, Bucks County Resident Says It Sounds Like ‘a War Zone'

Numerous explosions late at night for weeks still befuddle residents and investigators alike, even as federal agencies have begun aiding the investigation.

What to Know

  • The first blast was reported April 2 in the Quakertown area.
  • The lack of information has led to rampant speculation among the locals: alien landings, military exercises, pranksters?
  • The ATF confirmed two weeks ago that the bureau is aiding the state police and local police departments.

A pattern has emerged in the bizarre wave of window-rattling blasts that now jar residents awake at night in a rural part of northern Bucks County.

They always occur about 1 or 2 a.m. and on dry nights, never when it's raining, according to one resident of once-quiet Milford Township, the seeming epicenter of the mystery explosions.

"It just like comes out of nowhere. It’s the loudest thing you ever heard," the resident, who identified himself only as John, said in an interview Friday. "It’ll rattle your windows. If you didn’t know better, after you heard the first one, you’d think you’re in a war zone."

Two new blasts occurred in recent days, according to residents and authorities.

Federal experts with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI last month joined in the effort to solve the riddle. State police, who have been trying to find the source of the ear-popping noises for weeks, have not said what they think may be the origin of the unusual disturbances.

A blast hole from one of the couple dozen mystery explosions in Bucks County.

The lack of information from investigators and the continued early morning booms have led to rampant speculation among the locals: from alien landings and meteor strikes to stolen military munitions.

The blasts have yet to leave anyone hurt, but John, the Milford resident, said this is no longer something to take lightly.

"I hope they find the person because someone is going to get hurt," he said. "A prank would be something that only happens every so often. This person is either crazy, or nuts. This person is going to hurt somebody."

The first blast was reported April 2 in the Quakertown area.

It’s a middle of the night mystery that’s scaring people in Upper Bucks County. For weeks, neighbors have been reporting loud explosions going of,f jarring them out of bed.

Each of the incidents over the last two months have occurred between the hours of 1 and 3:30 a.m., state police said May 30 in the first statement on their investigation.

A police spokesman said last month that he could not provide more details about the exact dates and locations of each blast. 

ATF Special Agent Charlene Hennessy confirmed two weeks ago that the bureau is aiding the state police and local police departments, including Springfield, Nockamixon and Richlandtown. She did not respond Friday to a request for comment.

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