Amtrak Sends Letter to Survivors of Deadly Derailment With Directions to Get Baggage, Items Back

Amtrak is looking to get back belongings to passengers who fled the deadly derailment in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Eight died and more than 200 were hurt when Amtrak 188 jumped the tracks while traveling at a high rate of speed around a curve in the city’s Port Richmond section on May 12.

Now, Amtrak is trying to get belongings back to the survivors of the Northeast Corridor wreck.

Amtrak sent out letters to Amtrak 188 passengers:

We would like to assure you that we are working to return your personal effects as quickly, carefully and respectfully as possible. Many items were displaced from their original baggage, and Amtrak teams are working to collect hundreds of items for assessment, catalogue and return with the utmost of care.

The letter, confirmed by Amtrak, was first reported by Billy Penn.

“Amtrak teams are in the process of assessing, cataloging and returning personal property items to passengers from Train 188,” said spokesman Craig Schulz. “We are working as quickly, carefully and respectfully as possible to expedite this process and ask the news media to be respectful of our customers and their families during this time.”

Amtrak set up a secured Blackmon Mooring page: “This secure website will host photographs and descriptions of unassociated items, along with instructions for claim ownership.”

Passengers with claims on items – they have until Nov. 20, 2016 to put in requests – were asked to contact Amtrak’s Santa Green.

And, Amtrak said that a representative would contact people with specific questions about an item should it be claimed by more than one person.

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