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Tipster Heard Old City Suspect Brag About Deadly Beating: Police

Three suspects in fatal beating were arrested because tipster heard one of them bragging about beating up a “white kid” in Old City



    More details emerge about the actions of Kevin Kless' accused killers the night he died. (Published Monday, Jan. 23, 2012)

    Hotel parking valet Steven Ferguson was bragging with his friends about beating up a “white kid” in Old City on the same day Kevin Kless died of his injuries, police say.

    Someone overheard Ferguson’s boasts and called police.

    Based on the tipster’s accurate description of events, police arrested Ferguson, 20, of Fox Chase; Felix Carrillo, 23, of Olney and Kenneth Santiago, 19, of Juniata Park, on Friday. All three were charged with beating Kless to death around 2:30 a.m. Jan. 14 while Kless was trying to hail a cab, police say.

    Sources say the three confessed to police about the beating.

    The tipster not only called police Wednesday night but also went into headquarters to make an official report in hopes of collecting his $20,000 reward. He and another witness at the Society Hill Sheraton told police that they overheard a man working as a valet and others laughing and bragging about the beating, reports the Inquirer.

    Ferguson worked as a valet at the Sheraton for Towne Park, authorities say. 

    From the tipster’s account, as well as the suspects’ statements, the police have confirmed this chain of events:

    On Jan. 13, Ferguson, Carrillo and Santiago met up at the Society Hill Sheraton hours before the beating and headed out for the night. They drove around the city in Ferguson’s green Toyota, stopping at bars and clubs in Center City and Old City, reports the Inquirer.

    At around 2:30 a.m., just as Kless was swearing at a cabdriver for refusing him because he only wanted to go a short distance, someone in Ferguson’s car yelled something to Kless’ girlfriend and the other woman with them, reports the Inquirer.

    Perhaps mistakenly thinking Kless’ words for the cabdriver were for them, the three men ran out of the car and began beating Kless. At one point Kless’ head was slammed against a stone wall. He died of his injuries soon after.

    One of his fellow valets told the Inquirer that Ferguson is a “nice kid who got along with everybody."

    None of the three suspects have a criminal history, cops said.