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Can You Guess Who Has the Highest Salary in Philadelphia?



    Highest Paid City Employees in Philly

    Who are the highest paid city employees in Philadelphia? The answer may surprise you. (Published Wednesday, April 6, 2016)

    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney released salary data of all city employees as part of his commitment to making the data of city government easily accessible to all citizens.

    Below are the top 10 salaries: 

    Sam Gulino, Medical Examiner - $260,730

    Richard Ross Jr, Deputy Mayor/Police Commissioner - $240,000

    Albert Chu, Deputy Medical Examiner - $231,505

    James Kenney, Mayor - $217,820

    Rochelle Cameron, Chief Executive Officer-Div of Aviation - $215,000

    Khalil Wardak, Assistant Medical Examiner - $210,459

    Victoria Sorokin, Assistant Medical Examiner - $210,459

    Michael Di Berardinis, Managing Director - $205,000

    Francis Bielli, Executive Director of Board of Pensions - $204,740

    Siobhan Reardon, President & Director of the Free Library of Philadelphia - $204,219

    The rest of the list can be viewed on the Open Data in Philadelphia website.