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Bees Takeover Pa. Turnpike Interchange



    Bees swarmed the Pa. Turnpike interchange at exit 326 Wednesday. (Published Wednesday, June 18, 2014)

    Thousands of bees created a road hazard on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Wednesday morning by swarming the King of Prussia interchange area.

    Commuters noticed the bees and alerted authorities.

    Pennsylvania State Police sent maintenance and exterminator crews to the eastbound and westbound area at the exit 326 interchange to remove them bees.

    When the bee experts arrived, they concluded their activity was normal. They will be monitored. If the bees don't move on, they will be captured and relocated. 

    "There is no danger to anyone there. It's a natural occurring swarming activity that results from overpopulation in the hives this time of year," said Vincent Talucci Jr., of the Pa. Turnpike.