Drop.io Gets Geo-Savvy With File Uploads

Drop.io, the file hosting and sharing service of considerable renown in Web world, particularly among those who espouse the need to keep things simple and easy and cheap without excess baggage, is moving along with another upgrade to its feature set.

We previously noted the company’s release of a browser plugin intended for faster access to one’s drop(s). Now, according to Allen Stern of CenterNetworks, Drop.io has brought geography to its file management equation. So you upload. You tag with a location. Then you let others find it. Talk about putting a literal spin on concept of a digital drop box.

It may be too fantastical to think this can be manipulated into some sort of geo-caching mechanism for the entirely-Web-based set. A bit too easy a treasure hunt that would be, no? Some immensely inventive folks out there in Mashable land might think differently. If so, let us know. Meanwhile, location-based services are gaining considerable momentum as of late, particularly in the mobile arena, and Drop.io seems a fitting instrument to use to involve longitudinal and latitudinal details to better broadcast items to the public or to specific people.

The service taps Loki’s JavaScript API, developed by Skyhook Wireless, to detect one’s position on the map and affix one or more files accordingly. And hey, if photos are going to be geo-sensitive the world over, we might as well put some north-south-east-west on files pushed to the cloud. The non-copyrighted stuff, anyway.

In order to access the location feature, just click the ‘Edit Drop’ link at the top right portion of the drop window, and find the option for ‘Location’ in the Access Control menu on the following page.

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