Yes, That's a Dinosaur on the Boardwalk

If you happen to see a dinosaur on the Atlantic City boardwalk while you’re “down the shore” this Thursday, please be assured that you’re not still drunk from the night before. Or maybe you are...but a T. Rex is, in fact, in front of you.

To promote “Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular,” which premieres at Boardwalk Hall Sept. 2, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex will be scaring young children and freaking out adults with hangovers on the Atlantic City boardwalk starting at noon July 9.

But don’t run away screaming. There’s more to it.

New Jersey State Sen. James Whelan and AC Mayor Lorenzo Langford will be presenting Baby T. Rex with a proclamation from designating the month of September as "Dinosaur Month," according to the press release.

And this is cute: A roaring contest follows with children from the local Boys and Girls Club, competing for the title of Best Roar, as judged by Baby T.Rex himself.

We’re not necessarily telling you to run over the AC boardwalk for this strange event. This is more of a public service announcement, so you know what’s going on when you stumble upon this scene.

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