Triumph Makes Seven Your Lucky Number

And you thought Restaurant Week was a bargain…

As much as we hate to say it, there are some great things coming out of this recession. For instance, not a day goes by without some restaurant in this city introducing a new special in an attempt to lure brown baggers away from their pitiful leftovers and/or homemade lunches. While we applaud those trying to save money and stick to a budget, we do realize that sometimes last night's dinner doesn't taste very good the next day and there are times when your lunch gets thrown out by the cleaning crew (or eaten by a gluttonous co-worker)? What's a hungry person to do then, go hungry? Out of the question.

Starting today, there's no need to head to the lunch cart on the corner for some goulash that's guaranteed to repeat on you for the rest of the day thanks to Triumph Brewing Company's new $7 lunch menu. The Old City watering hole is giving budget-conscious lunchgoers an opportunity to order anything they want (yes, anything!) for a mere seven bucks. If you can't afford that every once in a while, you're not frugal… you're just cheap.

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