The Daily Dirt-March 10

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the newest cast member of "Real Housewives of New York," was arrested last Tuesday for allegedly punching her boyfriend, Nicholas Stefanov, in the face. She turned herself in on Thursday but is denying any wrong-doing.

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna married? Yes, they are according to "Extra." After a source confirmed to the TV show, “Extra” went straight to an LA attorney. "It would not matter if Chris Brown and Rihanna were married before or after the alleged incident. No judge would allow him to use their marriage as a shield to prevent her from testifying as a witness," says Trent Copeland. Looks like you might not get away with this, Chris Brown...

Dancing with the Stars premiered last night with a few surprises up their sleeves. Melissa Rycroft, who was supposed to make her debut this Thursday, took the stage and impressed the judges (although I'm pretty sure she already had most of America in her back pocket). Hef's ex Holly Madison also make her dancing debut early and she too impressed judges.

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