Long Live the Bra!

It sounds odd, but some women pay between $500 to $700 for a couture bra from Guia La Bruna or I.D. Sarrieri.

We're assuming you don't spend that much.

Either way, you want your bras to last and not get ruined by washing and drying it the wrong way.

Looks like you may get just what you've been wishing for ... the Bra Dryer.

After about a year of research and development, a group (lead by Alexander Farennikov of California, the actual inventor) has come up with a concept for such a device. Meanwhile they've surveyed a number of women and discussed the idea, and found a lot of women have the same problem and were interested in the bra drying appliance.

At this stage the Bra Dryer is a patent pending technology. Farennikov plans to manufacture or license it out as soon as he finishes development and signs up investors.


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