Super Bowl of Philly Forecasters

Drum roll please….

It’s become the most anticipated time of the year in Philly forecasting, not just for the weather geeks, but for the weather commoners – those of us who really don’t know what an NAO or La Nada is and really don’t care. Just tell me if I need my coat, or a new snow blower, right? 

The Winter Weather predictions from local meteorologists and weather anchors kicked off this week and will be wrapped up before Thanksgiving.

It’s your scorecard, basically, for how cold it might get during the next three months and most importantly, how much snow to expect.

Here’s how the Super Bowl of Philly Forecasting is playing out so far:


NBC10 Chief Meterologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz's Long-Range Winter Forecast:

Snowfall:     25-35" (Well above the average of 19.3")

Calendar:    Month           Temp.            Snow

                  December     -2 degrees      4+ inches

                  January        +2 degrees     < 4 inches

                  February       -3 degrees      8+ inches

                  March           -4 degrees      6+ inches

Bottom Line: It's going to be a rough winter!

KYW Meteorologist Kathy Orr’s Winter Forecast:
Snowfall:  20-25" (above average)
30% Chance of White Christmas
Dec         AVG Temp: below 44
Jan          AVG Temp: slightly above 39
Feb         AVG Temp: above 42


WPVI Weather Anchor Dave Murphy’s Winter Outlook:
Snowfall:  19"  Philadelphia (range of 17-21")
Snowfall:  30"  Allentown
Snowfall:  10"  Atlantic City
Snowfall:  65"  Poconos
No temperatures to talk about.

Fox29 Meteorologist John Bolaris gives his prediction Tuesday, November 25 at 10pm.

Schwartz started the Long-Range predictions in the mid 90’s when he and Bolaris were on the same weather team at NBC10.

In recent years, every station in town has not only jumped on the Long-Range Winter Forecast bandwagon, now they try to trump each other by getting it on first.

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