Police: Driver Texting, Speeding to Deliver Pot

It was a tragic accident which claimed the lives of a pregnant teen and her unborn child. And, it may have been prevented -- the driver was speeding to deliver marijuana and texting just before the crash, according to police.

Nicolette Pomon, 17, was riding in the front seat of her friend Meghan Obendorfer’s car when they approached a curve along the 900 block of Creek Road in East Brandywine Township, Chester County.

Initially, it was believed slick roads caused Obendorfer’s 2007 PT Cruiser to fishtail, slide sideways and collide with an oncoming school bus, police said.

But , further investigation found Obendorfer, 18, was rushing in the rain to deliver marijuana to another teen in Glenmoore, traveling 43 mph in a 35 - mph zone, The Daily Local reported.

A bag of marijuana was found at the scene of the crash, officials said.

Once investigators got a search warrant, they found Obendorfer’s cell phone in the mangled car. They found a draft text message, intended for the Glenmoore teen, was started just before the crash, according to the paper.

“A number of the messages show she was in a hurry and behind a school bus at one point,” the complaint noted.

Pomon of Downingtown and her unborn child were found dead at the scene. She was nine months pregnant and set to induce labor the very next day, friends told The Daily Local.

Obendorfer was charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, speeding, possession or distribution of marijuana and other traffic violations.

Her preliminary hearing is set for June 22.

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