No More Bull — It's Time to Win

Run With Us -- that’s the 76ers slogan this season.

With the way the team has played lately they should unofficially change it to Run Away From Us.

The 76ers will make like Forest Gump and hit the road Tuesday for Chicago. It's a rematch of Sunday's game against the Bulls -- the Sixers broke more hearts in their 103-92 loss than Jenny ever could.

The loss was the Sixers fourth straight -- dropping their record to 7-10 -- dead last in the Atlantic division.

Things are so bad, that Philadelphia is one game behind the disoriented New York Knicks, who are playing without their so-called franchise player Stephon Marbury. With the way Andre Iguodala has been playing, he might as well join Marbury on the All-"sit-this-one-out" team.

Even the Sixers website looks like they jumped ship trying to focus on player Q and A sessions rather than game recaps.

Way to leave it on a positive note.

It’s a shame to see the team struggle like this. They gave Iguodala, Lou Williams and Elton Brand enough money in the off-season to cover the automotive industries bailout.

There were high hopes that the 76ers could pick up where the Phillies left off -- winning the city’s first championship since a retro Mo Cheeks flashed mo’ cheek than anyone cared to see.

They even brought in veterans Kareem Rush, Donyell Marshall and Theo Ratliff to add to their already solid bench.

The problem is that everyone seems clueless on the court.

Head coach Maurice Cheeks can rant and rave about how good the team looks in practice all he wants, but the team is a no-show come game time. Maybe the Allen Iverson system works after all.

The Sixers need to win Tuesday against the Bulls. It's fair to assume that Cheeks spent yesterday trying to figure out a game plan to shut down Chicago’s stellar 52.1 shooting percentage from the floor and 53.3 percent from beyond the arch.

Tuesday night seem to be a battle of could be's -- the Bulls have a potential great young team and Philadelphia matches up nicely with young guys of their own.

It doesn't get any easier as the Sixers Gump run against the Lakers, Nets and Cavaliers in the upcoming week. Winning two of three against these teams will be a major boost for a team that showed flashes of potential before their current slide.

But first thing's first, don’t take any bull from Chicago.

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