Myers Wouldn't Mind Move to Pen

With pitchers in the Phillies bullpen dropping like flies, it’s about time that we had some good news: It seems like injured starter Brett Myers wouldn’t mind a trip back to the ‘pen, reported.

“I just felt like for me to get back quicker, it would have to be out of the bullpen. Who knows? Maybe at some point after throwing a few games out of the bullpen, if I'm stretched out to 75 pitches, we'll see what happens. You never know,” Myers said.

And although his return would not happen for at almost a month, Myers could bring some much-needed relief to the bullpen. Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey and J.C. Romero all went down with injuries and Brad Lidge looks shaky almost every time he gets on the mound. Myers, who closed for the team during the 2007 season, could fill in nicely. During that year, Myers pitched 68.2 innings, had an 4.33 ERA and saved 21 games.   

Myers' return to pitching form happened much quicker than anyone thought. He went under the knife on June 4 to repair a torn labrum and was expected to be lost for the season.

“[The therapist] basically kept encouraging me. So then I was like, 'I'll show you I can do more.' And he was like, 'I can't believe you're doing this, I can't believe you're doing that, I haven't seen anything like this before. He wasn't saying definitely, but after seeing both [the surgeon and therapist] July 1, they said there's no doubt in their mind I could be back at some point mid-to-late August.”

Keep your fingers crossed.

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