Mike Solo Makes Matzoh on a Farm

Mike Solomonov, America's Greatest Israeli Chef (we rest laurels on his brow often enough, so let's give it a name), is presenting his annual Passover feast at Zahav beginning April 18. Solo took us to Walnut Hill Community Farm in West Philly to meet Farmer Nic Esposito, and grab a few fresh herbs to use in his matzoh dish. Chef Mike worked his magic right there on the grounds of the farm, surrounded by a composter, the EL, and a few amorous alley cats.

Check out these four restaurants if you don't feel like cleaning up after your family during the holiday. There's even a Mexican option.

Zahav (served from April 18-26):
From Monday, April 18 through Tuesday, April 26, Zahav will serve a Passover Feast. Featuring Chef Solomonov’s innovative takes on Jewish staples, as well as Israeli-inspired dishes. The menu is $42 per person.

The Passover Mesibah Menu will include: Salatim and Hummus, served with hand-made matzah, Matzoh Ball Soup with smoked chicken and ramps, Gefilte Fish “Escabeche” with fiddleheads and artichokes, Hamachi carpaccio and tartare with beets and horseradish, Brisket “Mina” with coffee, morels and charoset jus, and Rose Hip Macaroons with pistachio frozen custard.

The London Grill (served from April 18-19):
The London Grill will celebrate Passover with their annual Seder Dinner, a festive, four-course, $40 prix-fixe meal featuring modern interpretations of traditional dishes from co-owner Chef Michael McNally.

Served throughout London Grill’s bar, main dining rooms and private dining room, Chef McNally’s Seder Dinner offers guests a fresh approach to Passover’s best-known dishes. This year’s dinner will feature some traditional items, including: Gefilte Fish, Matzoh Ball Soup, and Braised Brisket, as well as newly inspired dishes, like Poached Wild Sea Bass with braised artichokes, Roasted Veal Breast with spring herbs, and Braised Lamb Shank with olives and preserved lemon.

Supper (served from April 18-19):
For $55 per person, Chef Mitch Prensky is putting together a feast that we can't wait to check out at his South Street eatery, including plates of his mother's world famous brisket.

The meal starts with traditional charoset and hard boiled egg with housebaked matzo as an appetizer, and the rest is a pick and choose: chicken liver mousse, pickled baby beets, housemade gefilte fish, old fashioned chicken soup with matzoh ball, oven roasted giannone chicken, sweet potato, poached asparagus, crispy potato latkes, matzo kugel with spinach. Desserts include flourless chocolate torte with vanilla bean ice cream, matzoh kugel with cinnamon whipped cream, and house baked macaroons.

Cantina Feliz (served from April 18-24):
Tim Spinner has put together a four-course Prix Fixe meal for $30. Spinner warns diners though, that while his menu meets most Passover requirements, it isn't kosher. But, it's a pretty awesome deal, and we've never seen a Mexican Passover Feast before.

Dishes include a Passover Matzoh Ball & Red Chile Soup with Gaujillo Tomato Broth, Salmon Tostada with orange Habanero vinaigrette, Three Chile BBQ Glazed Brisket Tacos, and Key Lime Cheese Cake. [The Feast]

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