Locavorish Restaurant Week Happening Now

Center City District's Restaurant Week is in session starting today, September 12, and running until September 23, with a weekend recess in between. While we typically use these two weeks to take a break from dining out, this year's partnership between CCD and Philly Homegrown has us fired up for the $35 prix fixe menus, all of which will offer a locally sourced option identified by a little red tractor icon next to the menu item.

Locally sourced ingredients have become de rigueur for most restaurateurs (we agree that it makes sense to have the freshest ingredients available), but outside the slowly inflating food nerd bubble, Pollan is still something that makes you sneeze, and a locavore sounds like something out of the Twilight trilogy. We're happy and hopeful that the next two weeks will help educate the masses.

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